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is a leading search firm based in Santa Rosa, California with experienced recruiters who have a talent and a passion for what they do. Our proven recruitment process has resulted in the placement of hundreds of individuals in a variety of industries, locally and nationally. Our candidates are sourced, screened, interviewed and reference checked all before reaching your desk. We are sure to use the latest recruitment strategies to find you the best possible talent for your opening. We take a traditional approach to the recruiting process, getting to know our clients and candidates alike and forging long lasting relationships with both. Our clients and candidates benefit from our vast network of contacts and know that they are in good hands with our straight forward, consultative approach to the process.

We have expertise in bringing  talent and opportunities together in
> Sales and Marketing
> General Manager/CEO
> Production/Operations
> Quality Assurance
> Accounting
> Human Resources
> General Administration


George Christie, Founder / President, Wine Industry Network,
“I've had the pleasure of working with some of the most highly regarded recruiters in the Wine Industry over the years and Margaret stands out for two primary reasons. One, she's an incredible professional and knows her business as well as anyone in the industry. Two, she's sensitive to the nuances of finding the right fit beyond what's on the resume or job description. There's a chemestry and cultural variable that's harder to factor in, but Margaret looks for it and always takes it into consideration. She's one of the best!”

Rudy Zuidema, Winemaker, "Margaret Baez has proved to me that a recruiter is as important as a business partner. She really took the time to evaluate and understand my business needs as well as to really listen to me and learn how I operate. The candidates she sent were not only qualified with their talents, they also fit in with the philosophy and forward thinking of my company."

Chris Sipola, Director of Business Development, G3 Enterprises,“Margaret is the most capable recruiter in the wine industry. Margaret has a calm manner, a sharp wit and is always professional. My career-management advice to all readers: Simple, know Margaret."

Adam Schulz, Territory Sales Manager, Seguin Moreau

“Margaret is simply the best in the business. Margaret recruited me for Seguin Moreau in January of 2011, and was deft and immaculately professional at her craft. She placed me in a perfect fit, and into a career path I plan on following for a great long while. Margaret is highly intelligent, focused, driven, compassionate, and kind. I would highly recommend working with her to any prospective client of hers or

Oscar Camacho, Site Operations Director, Barry Callebaut USA
"Margaret is an outstanding professional whose main goal is always to exceed customer satisfaction. I experienced the most reliable experience when she placed 30 employees from management to operators for the food manufacturing start up I was leading as a site operations manager."

Chris Huber, Sales Representative, Amcor  Flexibles
"While searching for a job, I found working with Margaret to be a very
positive experience. I really got the sense that she was trying to help me find the ideal placement. She took the time to get to know me and for me to get to know her. We talked very realistically about my goals and where I can be most successful. This should make her clients feel very comfortable with using her service because she takes the extra effort to put the right person in the right position ensuring a long term and successful experience for both parties."  

Marybeth Suther, Sales Representative
"Margaret is very thorough and detailed with her clients. She takes the time to know and understand her client's needs to find a perfect fit for employment. After our first meeting, Margaret kept in touch on a regular basis and set up interviews immediately. She worked hard to make sure that her clients were comfortable each step of the way. I would recommend Margaret as an excellent and efficient recruiter who communicates well as a mediator to find and build lasting relationships between the employer and the employee."