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Consider us your secondary source! Use our services to help you navigate the road of professional staffing!


For Our Clients...         

We know just how tough it can be to hire the best talent -- even in today's market place. That's why we offer some tips to help!

For Our Candidates...

Searching for the right opportunity can be a complicated process. We know exactly what you need to navigate ...

CLIENTS - Tips for hiring and motivating great employees
(Overview only - contact us directly for a full brochure):

* Compile a 'needs analysis' of your business and the criteria for the particular position you have to fill

* Be proactive.Use a combination of resources to find your next agenda of qualified candidates to interview.

* Engage your current employees. In a recent poll, less than 30% of North American workers claim to be fully engaged at work.


CANDIDATES - Tips for interviewing and using your resume as a tool  (Overview only - contact us directly for full brochure)

* First impressions are everything - make it count. Resumes should be more than a summary of your career.

*Open with a strong statement (be prepared). End with a strong statement. Let the employer know that you want to work for them!

* Follow up. Proper follow up is a crucial part of job search. A thank you email is always appropriate.